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Nothing beats a good brownie, which is why each one is baked to gooey perfection.
We offer a wide variety including:

8”x 12” Tray 8/10 portions
Double chocolate chip G/F
White chocolate and raspberry G/F
Mocha Walnut G/F
Rocky Road G/F
Carrot Streusel
Black Forest G/F
Salted caramel G/F
Honeycomb G/F
Peanut Butter G/F

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Cake is always a great idea, so we offer a wide selection of decadent flavours to choose from:

Classic Victoria Sponge

Rich Chocolate
Strawberry, Raspberry or Lemon
Lemon and Poppy Seed
Courgette, Lime and Pistachio
Coffee and Walnut
Date and Apple
Carrot Cake , Cream Cheese Frosting
Coconut and Lime
Orange and Rosemary Polenta
Sticky Ginger and Lemon
Lemon or Orange or Elderflower Drizzle
Biscoff Loaf Cake

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Soft, sweet and chewy. Our customers can't get enough of our flapjacks.
Here's what we make:

8”x 12” Tray
8/10 Portions
Apricot and Walnut
Sultana and Cinnamon
Peanut Butter and Raspberry
Orange Marmalade
Sticky Date
Super Seeds

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Offering you the same great taste but using no animal based products - here's our Vegan menu:

Carrot Cake
Biscoff Brownies
Peanut Raspberry Jelly Brownies (The Elvis)
Zucchini Brownies
Tahini Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Double Chocolate Brownies
Fudge Whoppie Brownie Sandwich
Snicker Bar
Lemon Drizzle Loaf

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Event Catering

Here at Bootyful Brownies we offer more than just baked goods, we specialise in event catering too!

Need catering to host an event? We offer a personalised menu for all our clients, providing the food that suits their needs best. Get in touch through our site where we'll be happy to discuss any queries you may have.
Typically we cater dinner parties, wakes and buffets.

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Afternoon Tea

Looking for something a bit more sophisticated? We've got you covered.
Here's what we offer for Afternoon Tea:

Assorted Finger Sandwiches 
Cheese scone 
Sausage Roll
Fruit Scone with clotted cream and jam
Cheese straws 
Chocolate Brownies 
Lemon Drizzle 
Collect or delivery to set up and serve

Products: Welcome
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